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With any of these video options shown below, I'm happy to talk with you about what you want done and I can issue a quote if you require one. My video production services are based on an hourly rate and a hired sub-contractor for assistance (if they are required).
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We are here to capture your special day! If you want to relive this momentous event, show your friends, your children or even your grandchildren, then a wedding video is the modern way to go! With us, we keep things simple. We'll have a discussion about the venue, all the particulars that you'd want to capture on the day and you can be rest assured we will capture all the moments in-between. From the beginning as the bridal party walks in, to the end where people are attempting to invent new ways to boogie on the dance floor (no matter how embarrassing it is haha!) If you want video captured prior to the wedding ceremony, that is also an option as well. After the day is done, I'll edit a series of video's for your ceremony and reception!
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Have you been on a journey or adventure that you've recorded on your GoPro or DSLR? Snowboarding, mountain biking, motorsport maybe? If you have any footage that you've captured and would like the best bits assembled together into a highlights clip, we can help you out. This will be an easy process of us having a talk about your expectations of what you want for your highlights clip and it will be just a matter of you leading your footage to us. We will construct the footage given and complete a highlight reel for you.
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A montage is a very cool, fast-paced way of presenting your experience in a short clip. The purpose of a montage is to compress time and convey a large amount of information in a short space of time. It is similar to the highlight reel in the sense it still reveals your adventure whatever that may be. However, the difference between the two videos is the montage is a fun, eye catching way of engaging the audience whether that's your family, friends or others. We will have a chat about your footage and talk about any specific details. You can show us the best pieces of your experience and/or we can view all your footage and select the best parts on your behalf. We will cut it together in a well paced manner with the appropriate music that will best represent your journey.
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We are now in the age of digital technology where all computerised data and imagery in now the predominant way in keeping and sustaining information. The days of recording and viewing our memories via VHS tapes is now out of date. But because they are outdated doesn't mean they are lost or cannot be viewed again! Now with modern technology, we are able to convert VHS tapes into computer files. With that said, if you choose to lend your VHS tapes to us, not only can we convert your tapes, but we can also re-organise your memories so they are more accessible on your computer. Do you remember when you recorded your son roaming around on the go cart back in the day? Well that can be just a couple of clicks away from watching rather than scrolling through hours of footage to find it.
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