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With the video option below, I'm happy to talk with you about what you want done and I can issue a quote if you require one. My video production services are based on an hourly rate and a hired sub-contractor for assistance
(if they are required).
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A promotional video is exactly that, a video to promote the services or attraction of your business or non profit organisation. The question is - do you have a goal for your business or that you want to reach? Awareness expansion, growth of sales or maybe an increase in clientele. Video marketing is the perfect option for this as visual imagery can boost engagement from your audience by providing them with interest and useful information from your brand. If you choose us, we will go through the details of the intended target audience, key messages, consumer response, tone and style of video amongst other areas. When we set these foundations prior to filming, we will be able to carry out interviews to convey the message and for us to capture the necessary footage to produce a commercial video to your liking and to your audiences liking!
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